Best Shazam Apps Like Shazam Android & iOS (2022)

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Best Shazam Apps Like Shazam Android & iOS (2022)

The best shazam alternatives are similar apps like shazam that you can use to discover music on your Android and iOS device, and if you’re looking for these apps like shazam, you’re definitely in the right place.

Shazam is an app with a popularity that is undebatable among music lovers. Shazam helps users identify music from just a short sample. So, no matter where you are, whether it’s your office or a restaurant, and the need comes for you to enjoy good music, Shazam is a go-to app for you and it’s even listed as one of the best apps like musixmatch for Android and iOS.

List Of The Best Shazam Alternatives ( Apps Like Shazam) for Android & iOS

Identifying music is fun and that’s why an app like shazam exists. With that being said, let’s take a look at the best apps similar to shazam.

1. Musixmatch

Musixmatch lyric finder lets you play or pause from the lock screen. If you want to skip through a song, simply use the smart seek feature and you will be able to jump into your favourite lyric. It’s well recommended as one of the best shazam alternatives.

2. SoundHound

With SoundHound, you’re off on a journey of adventure in the music world. This app can tell you the title of the song that’s playing anywhere you are. How? You’re at the store and you hear particular music that you fancy but you don’t know the title or even the artist that sang it, just open the app, tap on the orange button and before you know it, your curiosity is satisfied. You can then save the song and its lyrics so you can play and enjoy it later.

3. MusicID

MusicID helps you know more about popular artists and that’s why it’s a similar app to Shazam. With this app, there’s no overdo. It’s just perfect and it’s a well recommended music identifier app for Android and iOS.

4. Music Recognition

This app is a very suitable replacement for Shazam. It is completely free for Android users and the reviews are quite impressive, it’s one of the best shazam alternatives and it’s quite popular amongst Android users.

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